Last updated:-
27 Sept, 2017


Welcome to St Albans DMES

a club for people making models and interested in similar hands-on hobbies

Model Boats, Steam Engines, Traction Engines, Clocks, Telescopes,
Locomotives, Trains, Cranes and Automobiles

Monthly meetings at a comfortable hall with a talk and chance for meeting like-minded people
Live steam track, exhibition 2016, exhibition 2017, radio controlled boats, outings, club magazine
Come and see us, no obligation to join, at the Christchurch Centre Free car parking, free first meeting, free coffee

Your local alternative to Men in Sheds and Hackspace

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Note we now have and extra meeting at the Puffing Field each month on a Thursday - see back of gazette for contact number and details

Our meeting on 13 December is general interest evening with films and models and some Christmas treats. Why not bring your latest creation to show off to the members.



The track and club tents at the lake in the park on August Bank Holiday