St Albans DMES Important Information





Foreword: One of the benefits of Society membership is insurance cover whilst using the Puffing Field track at Chipperfield. Naturally this cover is provided only on condition that safety standards are always maintained. The Society has written the following rules to promote safe use of the track and ensure that we endeavour to meet insurance requirements. Members are reminded that failure to adhere to these rules will render you uninsured.

    General Rules
  1. There shall always be at least two persons over 18 years of age present when the track is in use.
  2. A Track Marshal approved by the committee shall be appointed to be in charge at every running session to ensure that all procedures laid down in the rules are followed. The Track Marshal shall be a member of the Society who is familiar with these rules and with the safe operation of miniature steam and electric locomotives.
  3. A ‘Running Record Book’ shall be kept to include all dates when persons are running, names of all drivers and their locomotives, and details of boiler certificates relating to steam locomotives running on the track.
  4. Details of any accident must be entered in the Accident Record Book and the Honorary Secretary notified.
  5. The site of the nearest telephone should be ascertained. [If a mobile phone is used the reception should be checked]
    Site Rules
  1. All vehicles entering the site shall be driven and parked carefully.
  2. Parents and guardians shall keep their children under control at all times and in all places on the site.
  3. Spectators should keep clear and be aware of moving trains.
  4. A suitable First Aid kit shall be available as per HSE.
  5. All locomotives shall be transferred from vehicles to the track only via the steaming bays beside the loading ramp. Carrying of any locomotive up or down the steps in the station is not permitted.
  6. Fire buckets shall be placed around the track when running during the summer months and at any other times when the ground conditions are tinder dry.