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0-4-0 Sweet Pea

5" 0-4-0 Sweet Pea
Narrow gauge Locomotive

31" (787mm)

12" (305mm)

22" (559mm)


The Sweet pea is a very good starter Locomotive. There are numerous designs and shapes around from saddle tanks to side tanks, from 0-4-0;s to 0-6-0's & 0-4-2's.

The basic design is based on a Bagnall 0-4-0 narrow gauge engine. These engines were used for numerous industrial uses around the world.

So why is a Sweet Pea a good starter Locomotive?
Due to their relative simple design and layout it is easy to understand their operation, it also makes it easy to get to the moving parts. The Sweet Pea also has a marine boiler, which gives you the ability to quickly remove the fire in a hurry if every thing goes wrong.

The Real Thing.

The Real Thing.

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