St.Albans and District Model Engineering Society

June 2024 Club Night Report

June at the Puffing Park is always a bit chancy but I bit the bit, and had faith in the BBC weather forecast which predicted a dry sunny evening.  I cancelled our appearance at the Christchurch Centre, and made a decision in favour of the PP.  A good decision for us and a win for the Ver Players who as it later transpired were very happy to use the Main Hall for a change.

My journey was held up by traffic but when I got there our stalwart team of workers had prepared the site for a visit.  Jack took me to one side and said there were up to 7 members who keep the area spruce and tidy so thank you all from us!  I shall refer to them as the team rather than by individual names from now on.

Our Chairman thoughtfully went around to the house next door to tell them about our plans for the evening and received a very positive response, bearing in mind that they are likely to be our new landlords!

I had a few things to do and then suddenly an electric train is running with passengers and the car park area is filling up. A G1 steam loco is running around the temporary track and members are gathering.  Guy told me there were 25 members present which for a slightly chilly evening was pretty good.

A couple of members had brought along drones and they were up there, I thought they were brave as we have quite a big tree coverage on the site.  Photos are included taken from the drones.

We had had an early start at 6 o/clock and there was no club business to discuss so our time was our own and it was great to see some new members with us as well.  I had some interesting chats with members and as most other members were involved in watching or chatting I presume it was a successful evening,

By 9 o/clock members were starting to leave so that the 'Team' could lock up and go home.  As sunset was 20 minutes later no one had a drive home in darkness and I was back home by 9:15.

Perhaps it was not a ‘sit around’ evening, (but some did)!  That did not deter the active members from coming.  The AUGUST meeting will be all about G1 model trains and any other of the smaller gauges that members want to talk about.  I have GWR OO gauge myself.  It will be semi-structured with a couple of talks and if the weather is dry demonstrations outside.

I was chatting with Brian and I suggested we call it a Wombles evening, see if it gives you a clue to something a little unusual that we have in mind?

Have a look through the pictures we all ought to be on at least one of them!  Next month, July, it is a ‘bring and show’ evening.  I would like everyone to bring in a model they are working on, even if it just work in progress.  So, a chatty evening, we shall see how it develops.

If you have liked the way the evenings have been going for the last couple of years then it does need membership contribution, and that does mean YOU!  I can promise to anyone not used to standing up front, you will not be alone and the presentation will, if necessary, be supported by Rob with a close-up camera and myself to help things along.  If you would like to have a go then let me know and I can outline how to plan your talk and we can work out how long it will be.  So don't be shy!

If you know someone with expertise in associated new technology who would be willing to talk to us please let me know.

This year we have had a first time speaker (for us) with Jim in March who gave us a talk on model rocketry, I asked for that to be videoed as I did not want to miss it!  I am compiling subjects for club evenings for 2025 at the moment, ideas welcome, as we have most of this year filled in.


13th June 2024