St.Albans and District Model Engineering Society

Memories of Model Engineering, Guy Ellerby and Friends

Memories of Model Engineering,

Guy Ellerby and Friends

Guy Ellerby


Roy, Peter & Noel


The suggestion for the conversation had been put forward months before but eventually it all came together on the afternoon of the 21st. October 2022.  Those present were Guy Ellerby then 103 years, Noel Godman, 94 years, Peter Haycock of indeterminate age and myself, Roy Verden a mere stripling of 84 years.  Peter had kindly offered to pick up Noel and drive to Guy's house, my presence there was to prompt things along (I should have known better as they just talked)!  But more importantly to make the tea.

In previous years we had lost members with varied and interesting backgrounds and not got around to asking them to put things on record.  With Guy at his age we got pro-active and arranged for this general chat.  It was as well we did so as Guy passed away 6 months later.  He had had a short not so much an illness more a few set-backs and then in a short week in a Palliative Care unit he passed away peacefully one afternoon in his sleep.  It was his wish as he wanted to complete life's cycle, having enjoyed a lovely family and he felt it was time to go!  Do not feel sorry, he was sadly missed by his family but for his part he was happy. The rest of those present have since had another birthday each and are all well.

The voices, as in most conversations, over-lapped as this was not a scripted event.  To help with this a professional company was employed to produce an accurate transcript as an aid to the production process .  The conversation has been edited for content but now represents experience and memories of the society.  Guy was the Chairman for 17 years with 19 years in all on the committee.   Noel was almost a founder member having joined in 1949.  Both Noel and Guy were made Society Honorary members.  I was Club Secretary for much of that time and we became good friends.

I leave you to listen to the conversation and hope you enjoy it.  Much work was done by fellow committee member Rob Briancourt in the presentation of this conversation and it was Rob who was the prime mover in suggesting we should do it in the first place.

Roy Verden  21/07/2023


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