St.Albans and District Model Engineering Society

Loco Driver Training

Locomotive Driver Training

The club’s driver training programme has four strands:

  1.  A Steam Locomotive Operations Guide (which you can find HERE) providing basic Puffing Park
    safety information and information about steam loco preparation, raising steam, driving,
    shutting down and troubleshooting.
  2.  Support to the new drivers in getting their locomotives ready for the track, for example,
    implementing the correct type of couplings and gauging information for driving trucks.
  3.  Practical sessions at Puffing Park beginning with a group session and followed by individual
    sessions as necessary.
  4.  An Assessment process aimed at supporting the drivers avoiding bad habits and generally
    improving their competence.

While the programme is primarily targeted at training steam locomotive drivers much of the safety
and Puffing Park operational information and practice it covers is applicable to electric locomotive
operation so electric loco drivers are welcome to take the training.

Training sessions are run based on demand and free to club members. If you want to take the
training then please get in touch with Mike Collins at

Background Reading

The St Albans & District Model Engineering Society Locomotive Operation Guide is the
document that accompanies the society’s locomotive training programme and is a must
read. You can find it HERE

The Model Engineer has a handy document by Steve Addy on their web site that goes into a bit more
detail about how a steam locomotive works. Find that document HERE