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Items For Sale

If club members have anything they would like to sell, they can advertise it here.    You will need to supply some photographs and a full description of the item and how much you would like for it.
For Sale Unimat SL Lathe - £350.00

I am looking to sell this lathe to fund my milling machine restoration project and would like to offer it to club members before I put it on eBay.

Includes 3 jaw chuck, faceplate and drive dog, tailstock drill chuck, live and dead centres, tool holders, vice, milling table, milling column and bracket, grinding wheel.

This lathe has the power feed attachment.

Fitted with a 24v DC motor with 24V Power Supply and speed control.

A new set of belts will be needed as the current ones are past their sell by date.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Andrew Knowles


Items for sale from the late Brian Stringer's workshop.

Warco WM16 Mill (on stand)

Rotary table ERT-HV6 (6 inch presumably)

Warco CY-90 3.5 inch band saw

Clarke CBG 6RZ 6 inch bench grinder

Collet chuck for mill J7616-MS2

Warco WM210 lathe (on stand)

Presto brand BA tap & die set (incomplete)

Alps brand BA tap & die set (incomplete)

Misc Apex brand taps and dies (mostly BA and ME?)

Items from Tony Mason’s Estate.
Yes, there are still some items available for purchase from Tony Mason’s estate. First we have four locomotives:

5" gauge GNR 4-2-4 Stirling Single tender engine. Well made example, complete and well finished. Designed originally by J K Scarth and can be difficult to build but this is a good one that is known to run very well. Boiler history – last certificate expired. Estimated value £4,000 to £5,000. [Would benefit from lining out - Ed]



Loco No 8454. 3.5" gauge LNWR 0-6-0 Webb 18 inch goods tender engine (nicknamed Cauliflowers). Complete and quite well finished. Loco history and running unknown. No known commercial design so an unusual engine in this gauge. Boiler history unknown. Estimated value £2,000 to £3,000.


Loco No 1311. 3.5" gauge LBSC design Jeanie Deans named "Celtic". LNWR Webb Teutonic compound 2-2-2-0 loco. Complete example and quite well finished. Is known to have run well with just a driver some years ago. Boiler history – last certificate expired. Estimated value £1,500 to £2,000.


3'5" Loco No.12


Loco No 12. LNWR Precedent class 2-4-0 loco named ‘Nancy’. Complete and well made example. Loco painted, tender still in bare metal. Said to run well. Boiler history – last certificate expired. Estimated value £1,500 to £2,000.

Early paddle boat "Progress". A model of an early design of steam paddle boat, believed to be scratch built by the late Allan Hawkes. Electric powered and fitted with 27MHz radio control. Length 15"/450mm. Estimated value £20 to £30.

Hull, plus drawings, for paddle steamer ‘Duchess of Fife’. Well-made hull carved from a single piece of soft wood (pine) with outriggers and both paddles fitted but no deck. Old and fragile drawing(s) for same. Intended for electric power and radio control. Length 54"/1370mm. Value £10 to £20.

Model railway table. Tony intended to put an O gauge railway on it. Table is 30"/760mm high with four panels 61”x 27” (1550 x 686mm) and two 61”x 20” (1550 x 508mm). The supporting frame is timber, is framed and flexible depending how the top is configured. It would probably just about be possible to fit a 32mm track on it but not Gauge 1.

Large, typical DIY type air compressor - noisy apparently, £50.

Large hydraulic loco lift. Dreweatts sold a similar loco lift in March 2022 for £400.

Finally, large selection of flue brushes!

If interested in any of these items please get in touch with

Free Model Engineering Drawings

The society has been given four sets of model engineering drawings for disposal. These drawings are in good clean condition (tears repaired with gummed paper tape on the reverse) and are rolled up in tubes, although some of them have previously been folded. These are available to members free of charge on a first come first served basis. All we ask is that if you subsequently sell them on, e.g. on eBay, you give the club 20% of the proceeds. Can’t say fairer than that!
If interested contact Roger Stephen by email:

Stuart Turner twin launch engine: Drawing 90019 – Engine; Drawing 80066 – reversing gear details for same; Drawing 90021 – Boiler feed pump (steam driven); Parts lists for engine and reversing gear.

LBSC 3½” gauge ‘Rainhill’ locomotive: Set of four drawings; 1. General Arrangement & frames; 2. Wheels, axles, cylinders, etc; 3. Boiler, grate, valve gear; 4 Tender, Hand pump.

Martin Evans 5” Gauge ‘Metro’ locomotive: Set of six drawings; 1. G.A. & frames; 2 Wheels, axles, cylinders; 3. Valve gear; 4. Boiler, crosshead pump, mechanical lubricator; 5. Regulator, smoke box, firebox tubeplate; 6. Side tanks, running boards, bunker, cab, chimney, dome.

Keith Wilson 5” Gauge ‘King John’ locomotive: Set of twelve drawings plus others; 1. G.A.; 2. Loco frames, buffer beams, etc; 3. Bogie details, wheels, axles, etc; 4. Cylinders, pumps, lubricator; 5 Motion work part 1; 6. Motion work part 2; 7. Boiler details part 1, main parts; 8. Boiler details part 2, regulator, fittings, etc; 9. Platework, chimney, safety valve casing; 10. 4000 Gallon tender part 1, G.A., frames; 11. Tender part 2, Body details, brake gear, etc; 12. Grate, ashpan, backhead layout, cylinder drain cocks, etc; Copies of three GWR Swindon works G.A. drawings dated 1927; Supplementary bogie details; Full length Loco + tender G.A. side view; Kennions drawing of misc steam fittings for 3½” & 5” gauge steam locos; Kennions drawing of GWR loco buffers, couplings & lamps dimensioned for 3 ½” and 5” Gauge locos.

If there are no takers these drawings will sadly be recycled.

Paul Watson’s Jubilee Loco.

Paul Watson is selling his 3.5” Martin Evans designed Jubilee. As you can see from the pictures this is a very well presented loco that hasn’t seen many laps of a club track. This would be perfect for someone looking to own their first 3.5” loco and of course being 3.5” it is quite a bit easier to store and transport than a 5” gauge machine. A good size for displaying in the living room perhaps when not in use.

[After a good run it should overpower any scented candles with a relaxing aroma of coal and oil! - Ed]





Only £3 per pint

Contact Roger Stephen for details.

Lubricating oil is also available at the same price.




The St Albans Model Engineering Society cannot accept any responsibility for the condition or suitability of items advertised on this website or in the Society’s Newsletter.