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If club members have anything they would like to sell, they can advertise it here.    You will need to supply some photographs and a full description of the item and how much you would like for it.

The following models were part of the collection of locomotives and boats owned by the late Tony Mason, a member of our society for number of years.

Tony famously began his collection with purchases from an auction he attended on the spur of the moment after a meeting he was due to attend had been cancelled as a result of the storm of 1987.

Tony wanted members of our club to have first refusal on the models in his collection. Those models that don’t sell to our members will be placed in auction by Tony's widow, Hilary Mason.

If you are interested in any of the items please contact either Roger Stephen:  or Mike Collins: in the first instance.

Bantam Cock  -  SOLD

Bantam Cock 2-6-2 LNER V4 tender engine, 3.5” gauge: £2,100 - £3,150
Complete and well finished loco to the well known LBSC design. Running ability unknown.

Webb 18" Tender

LNWR 0-6-0 Webb 18 inch goods tender engine 3.5” gauge. (nicknamed Cauliflowers). £2,100 - £3,150
Complete and quite well finished. Loco history and running unknown. No known commercial design so another unusual engine in this gauge.
Inquiries to Roger Stephen or Mike Collins


Steam powered radio controlled boat Progress. Offers invited.
Inquiries to Roger Stephen and Mike Collins.

Stirling Single

GNR 4-2-4 Stirling Single tender engine 5” gauge. £4,200 - £5,250
Well made example, complete and well finished. Designed originally by J K Scarth can be difficult to build but this one is a good one that is known to run very well.


Maxitrack Dixie   "WELSH DRAGON"  -   UNDER OFFER

Maxitrak Dixie 0-4-0 contractor's engine named 'Welsh Dragon’ 5” gauge £2,100 - £2,125
Complete and well finished. Runs well. Standard design by Maxitrak that was sold in kit form and ready to run.

Royal Sovereign  -  SOLD

LNER 4-6-0 Thompson B2 'Royal Sovereign' tender engine 3.5” gauge £3,150 - £4,200
Complete and well finished loco. Running ability unknown. Tony's exhibition card in tender suggests it was built using works drawings. No known commercial design so another unusual model.

Princess Marina  -  SOLD

Princess Marina 2-6-0 Stanier Mogul, 3.5” gauge Part Built. £787 - £1050
LBSC design. Part built at an advanced stage: rolling chassis with cylinders and valve gear, boiler with fittings, cab and almost complete tender plus what appears to be the plans and the remaining castings. All platework appears to be present and little work probably required to complete.


Durlston Manor    -   SOLD

GWR 4-6-0 'Durlston Manor' tender engine 5” gauge. £7,350 - £8,400
Very well made, complete, well finished and said to be built from works drawings - not to Martin Evans' Torquay Manor design. Runs beautifully. Tony bought this in October 1987 at auction.

'O' Gauge Items  -

A small collection of 'O' gauge (32mm gauge) items including rolling stock, signals, track and girder bridge.

Driving Truck 1  -  UNDER OFFER

Offers invited for this 5” gauge driving truck. Wooden frame with brakes and two bogies it appears to have an electrical pump and pipe system for feeding the tanks of a loco. The green tank looks like it fits to the rear end of the truck. Stirrups for operating on a raised track are included.

Driving Truck 2  -  UNDER OFFER

Offers invited for this 5” gauge braked, twin bogey driving truck with stirrups for operation on raised track.

Daphnia  -  SOLD

Daphnia. Offers invited for this steam powered R/C boat.

Besquine  -  SOLD

Besquine, a radio controlled model of a French Lugger. Excellent condition.


Yacht 2  -  SOLD

Red hulled, unnamed radio controlled yacht. Excellent condition.


Quorn cutter grinder. A nice small machine with cup wheel, single phase motor and owner’s instruction manual. £400

 National Machinery BG150CX. A 150mm/6 inch bench grinder with course and medium grey grit wheels. Single phase motor. £25

 Warco 12 inch Formit  SOLD 3-in-1 universal sheet metal machine. A useful sheet metal forming machine incorporating 12 inch/305mm wide guillotine, press brake and bending rolls in one neat unit. £130

Warco 4.5 inch Universal band saw. SOLD A bench mounted metal cutting saw with single phase motor. £100

 Warco MD-30 (Minor) milling & drilling machine. A capable and solidly built vertical mill/drill with single phase motor. Table size is approx 660mm x 190mm, quill travel 4 inches/10cm. Can come with a range of accessories if required including collet chuck, milling cutters, milling vices, etc. Mill/drill £650, accessories £250 (depending on what is included)

 Surface plate, 12 inch by 12 inch (305 x 305mm), cast iron with wooden box. £75

Dial gauge and stand suitable for use on surface plate and lathe bed/cross slide. £15

 Vernier height gauge and scriber. Chesterman No369 14 inch/36cm height gauge with storage box. £40

Nu-Tool CH10 bench pillar drill. A solid 5 speed drill press with keyed chuck, depth stop and ¼ hp single phase motor. £40

 Myford ML-7 screw cutting lathe. An older bench mounted machine in good working condition and fitted with a Boxford style gearbox on the lead screw. Can come with a range of accessories if required including 3 and 4 jaw chucks, several face plates, fixed and travelling steadies, vertical slide, tool holders, guards,etc. Fitted with a single phase motor and switch gear. Lathe £1000, accessories £500 (depending on what is included)

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Quorn cutter & grinder
National tools grinder
Warco 3 in 1 machine
Warco 3 in 1 machine
Warco bandsaw
Warco bandsaw
Warco mill
Surface plate
Dial guage & stand
Vernier height scribe
Pillar drill
Myford lathe

If you are interested in any of these items and wish to view (in Redbourn) please email Stuart Burden on All prices subject to negotiation. The buyer shall be responsible for the removal and transport of all items.

3rd February 2022


- All offers welcome

CORONET No 1 Lathe
36” between centres, 12” dia over bed complete with tools and accessories

14” Throat 6” depth of cut

Heavy duty with 6” dia trunking.

Interested? Contact Alan Holt 01582 832446


Only £3 per pint

Contact Dennis Blazdell for details.




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