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If any club members have anything they would like to sell, you can advertise it here.

You will need to supply some photographs and a full description of the item and how much you would like for it.

Pond Yacht FOR SALE

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I have a large model pond yacht built by my engineer father in the 1970's. It is built to scale but I do not have the plans he used. It is in very good condition, of a wooden construction with attractive deck fittings. It has always been housed indoors so no damage.

It measures 108 cm long x 33 cm at widest point. It may be possible to convert to RC, but my father built it for sail, which it did.

I need to sell the boat now and wondered if it would be any interest to your members? It is quite weighty and so postage is not really an option. I was thinking of around £70, although I welcome your option.

Many thanks
Margaret Corbishley.

Contact: Mike Collins.

26 Aug 2021

 GWR 4-6-0 Loco, almost complete.

Alan Harmer was for some years an enthusiastic member of the Society and, for a time, co-editor of the Society’s magazine with Tony Mason.
Tony wrote Alan’s obituary for the magazine following his death in May 2006.
This is the last loco Alan was working on which is almost complete, a section of track, and completed wagons.

This sale is offered by his daughter Helen. 

"I am fairly sure there is a carrying case for the loco in my garage.
I wonder if any of your members would be interested in buying these items?"

We believe this to be a gauge 1 loco as Alan was a keen member of G1MRA and Helen is convinced it is meths powered.
If you are interested in potentially purchasing this loco and rolling stock please let me know.   

Mike Collins.   Contact:

26 Aug 2021


An armourer acquaintance of mine bought a number of second hand micrometers hoping to extract the mechanisms and build it them into a tool connected with making parts for rifles. It turned out to be very hard to dismantle these devices so my friend is pursuing a new tack, making these redundant.
All imperial, some are without ratchets, some read 10ths, all Mitutoyo except the depth gauge, all with carbide anvils, the depth mic is a M&W 1 inch with ratchet. £5 each, obviously used, all engraved, but all accurate and working.

Interested in one or more?

Contact Mike Collins



3.5” Gauge Rob-Roy FOR SALE
3 1/2” Gauge ROB ROY part built 0-6-0 locomotive.

Chassis is approximately 80% complete mounted on a building stand.

Chimney, Dome, Smoke Box Door and Ring castings unmachined.

Part built boiler in copper with Fire Box and tube assembly complete.

Tube plate and Back head plates complete and flanged.

£250 ONO. 


Contact; Peter Haycock  Tel: 07525 213417    email:



Jeff Carter is helping a friend by disposing of a small steam engine. The engine has run on air and the bore is half an inch. There are no marks or names on the engine parts. The sight glass is 85 mm including fittings and the gauge is 19mm in diameter.

It appears never to have been used and the bag it is in has the name; F. S. Dinnis, Isle of Wight on it.

The owner has simply asked for the recipient to make a donation to the RNLI.

Anyone interested contact Jeff Carter.   


Phone:  07749 080982


Height Gauges For Sale

Kevin Blake has a couple of height gauges for sale, one is 14” and the other 16”.

If you are interested then please email to be put you in touch with Kevin.

20th July 2020


Only £3 per pint

Contact Dennis Blazdell for details.