St.Albans and District Model Engineering Society

April 2024 Club Night Report

Auction Gavel 2

The April club night is also the societies Annual General Meeting and this occasion was also the club auction. Many members arrived early to bring in their auction items from their cars while other set about laying out the tables and chairs and setting up the AV system.

It was interesting to see the variety of items being brought in, some small and some quite large! and all were set out on tables for members to inspect.

The evening commenced with a welcome from our chairman who also introduced Mehmet, a prospective new member, and then told us the agenda for the evening. The members were also invited to register their preference for club's annual day out of which the choices were visits to the Kew Steam Museum, Brooklands Museum in Surrey,  Didcot Railway Centre, Pitstone Museum and the Quainton Railway Centre & Museum which appeared to be the most popular choice.

Mike then handed over to Guy with the first order of business, the election of officers.

Mike C was re-elected as Chairman, Mike G as Treasurer and Rob B as webmaster. Our newly elected chairmal then gave his annual report for 2023-2024 which had been previouly sent to all members. This was followed by a unanimous vote of approval for the annual accouts complied by Mike Grossmith.

A vote was then taken on the proposal for the Society to become a Registerd Charity. There were four proxy votes, three for and one against but the vote in the room was unanimous to proceed to apply.

A vote was taken on the new constitution and the supplemental rules of the society which were both passed unanimously in the room.

With all of the formalaties of the AGM finished it was then time for the club auction.

Fortunately the members had a chance to view all of the lots laid out on the tables, some of which are pictured in this slide show:

The bidding was quite brisk at times and our auctioneer Guy did a stirling job telling bidders  'you know you really want it' in a usually succesful attempt to get them to outbid a rival.

After the half time tea break, which gave bidders another chance to peruse the remaining items, the auction recommenced and the majority of lots found a new owner with any unsold lots consigned to the club shop for the 2024 Exhibition.

By the end of the evening the auction had raised more than £500 to go into the club funds and our auctioneer and his runner Mathew received a round of appause for a most entertaining auction.

Many thanks to all who helped set out the furniture at the start and then return it at the end of the evening so quickly and efficiently.


Rob Briancourt 12th April 2024