Boating Rules

  1. Society members must protect the ends of transmitter aerials with either a foam ball or a plastic practice golf ball. Users of 2.4 GHz transmitters are excepted.
  2. Boats must not exceed the speed limit of 12 miles per hour. (the only exception being the MPBA organised hydroplane events on the large lake where separate arrangements apply)
  3. No steam boiler or refillable gas tank to be used unless they have a valid up to date test certificate.
  4. Boilers and refillable gas tanks will be inspected to the standards set by the Model Power Boat Association and the Northern Federation of Model Engineering Societies.
  5. Steam boats must be fitted with oil separators and used oil must not be disposed of within the park.
  6. To reduce the risk from water borne diseases members should minimise contact with lake water and wash hands after immersion. Members are advised to bring water or use the local toilet facilities for washing hands, especially when eating or drinking by the lake side.
  7. When driving cars to the lake side, hazard warning lights must be used and a maximum speed limit of 5 miles per hour observed.
  8. Society members must respect wildlife on the lake at all times. In particular, boats shall be kept at such a distance from any nesting birds that they are not disturbed.