St.Albans and District Model Engineering Society

June 2023 Club Night Report

Unexpectedly we were at the Christchurch Centre, word went out that we could not use the track due to a crumbling tree over the track.  The suggestion already in place that we have a ‘Show and Tell’ meant that the evening would still go ahead but under a roof.  Our Chairman dressed in Tee shirt and shorts, maybe he did not read the email (?), opened the proceedings with a few announcements and then with the tables laid out nicely the evening began.  We have had a few new members and it was nice to see their contribution on show.



David Jones, already part of the meet and greet team showed his 0-6-2 simple chassis for 45mm
track. Brian had brought in 2 locos that were finished and ready to steam up. Roger, were we ever
without him, brought in more 45 mm rolling stock, all built by himself and very nice too.

Malcolm had some ‘steam enginery’ which I hope we shall see running later in the year.

At last we get to some water with Terry and a model yacht kit which gives a feel to the owner of participating in its’ assembly.  Terry had also brought in a mechanism for one of his mechanical toys and consulted with Andrew on how it worked.  Andrew, had ‘time’ for this sorry about the pun, no I’m not, and was showing 2 clocks in the making.­

A bit more on the water with my own clockwork boat, rescued from the skip a few years ago.  The orange bag had electric motors and a meter and batteries in.   Another new member Bob was looking for a replacement motor for his rather nippy tugboat and it was proposed to do some small experiments to decide which one to fit.  It also meant I could have a sit-down.

There were 2 splendid model boats looking for a new home after some pennies had been exchanged, still looking I think, are you interested?  The cutaway loco was an excuse for some intricate laser wood cutting, interesting.

Up on the front tables we had the more major engineering products, Mike Joseph presented an angled work piece and his design for a locomotive driving truck he is in the process of building.  The ‘Tee shirt gent’ had his loco also to be featured in the future and a set of rollers reminiscent of my early life turning the crank on a mangle to wring out the washing for my mother.

I think I have mentioned most of the items but forgive me if I overlooked yours.

The evening seemed to go very quickly and we almost dragged ourselves away for tea and biccys brought to us by Neil and Jack.  Our thanks go to all who helped and I believe we also gained 2 new members.  A productive evening and a chance to chat and enjoy.

We shall get to the Puffing Field for the July evening so bring some toys that need exercise, all things being equal back at the hall for August we shall have Brian taking us through safely firing up a G1 loco.  This will be outside so as to not set off the alarms.

See you all next time, by the way I do recommend my lightweight jacket called a Gilet, ( as in French, geelay), it is all pockets and ideal to lose something in, with multiple zips and hidden compartments, I put it on inside out once and it still works!