St.Albans and District Model Engineering Society

June Club Night at the Puffing Park

June Club Night at the Puffing Park.

Good evening!....... Yes, I think we can say that, we had an excellent evening at the track all 24 of us. I had scheduled it some months ago and the closer it got the worse the weather forecast was until I was forced to have a Plan B, I hate plan B's smacks of failure. So at the last minute the decision was made and we were going.
I arrived just before 7 but already Jack and Neil had a table out, loads of chairs appeared from somewhere and they were about to brew up the tea. We forgave the noise the generator made, as in the end it was boiling a kettle for the tea!

I had been contacted by a potential new member and sent him directions, kindly supplied by Roger, on how to find us, he asked if he could bring a friend, all are welcome here, I thought. Then the moment for me of serendipity. I had been trying to contact the owner of the magnificent Garden Railway we had at the last exhibition. And here he was! We now have a promise of his railway at our exhibition. So welcome Frank and Brian they should be with us at the next club evening as well.

I had a first time look at the new G1 progress and was impressed, it is going to be good so get those names in! It is a sturdy structure and the top surface is still to be laid and then the track. In charge is Michael, late of Eurotunnel and tracks are his speciality. The team now have an end in sight and we all look forward to seeing the results. We are hoping for an official first train running at the August barbecue. Ian Gurton was there doing some test runs with his dynamometer car and demonstrating the technology within and Terry Summers brought some miniature engines that he had acquired including a beautifully made two cylinder petrol engine. Mike Joseph was running his electric loco ...... which performed so admirably at the recent Chipperfield Platinum Jubilee event.

I got around to chatting with a lot of members and I noticed they were all doing the same so I concluded it was what was wanted.
It was nice to see the trains running, an evening like this is ideal for the electric ones as it is so easy to pack up afterwards when the air gets chilly. I got on for a ride behind Clive who was doing the driving, I did note how smooth the ride was and I enjoyed the trip around, travelling through the new covered / storage area and then through the portals of the old tunnel. Finishing back in the station area.

Gradually the air cooled off and around 9 pm members started drifting away and I left about 20 past leaving the PP team to lock up.

Very pleasant evening and thanks to all who made it possible.

I hope it encourages all to attend the barbecue and official opening of the G1 track in August. Date TBA

Roy Verden. June 2022