St.Albans and District Model Engineering Society

March 2024 Club Night Report

The March club night was well attended as our speakers for the evening were Jim and Chris Scivyer AKA 'The Dangerous Brothers' talking to us about Model Rocketry.

After a short introduction and briefing by our chairman our speakers invited us all outside to watch the launching of a small rocket. Unfortunately the first firing had to be aborted because the ignition system failed to ignite the rocket motor and after the prescribed safety period the rocket was remove and the motor replaced. The second firing was a complete success with the small rocket disappearing into the night sky...never to be seen again!

Back inside the talk continued with slides and models to explain all of the technicalities of model rocketry.



It will take far too long to describe all of the talk so if you want to see all of it you can view the video that Rob filmed and edited of this fascinating and entertaining talk.

Club members will have already received a link to to the video and if you have not then please request a link from

Following the talk our club secretary Guy gave a full briefing on why it may be to Societies' interest to become a Registered Charity.

At the April Club Night and AGM all attending members will be asked to vote on the proposal.

Rob Briancourt. 24.03.24